About Me


I work as a Senior IT DevOps Engineer at Malwarebytes, in Tallinn, Estonia. A started my career in 2006 and worked for about 2.5 years as a Ruby on Rails developer. Next 2.5 years I worked with C# and .Net frameworks. For next 6.5 years I was responsible for Jenkins cluster of more than 50 machines (> 350 executors). Currently I am supporting several teams with providing deployment Infrastructure (in AWS, using Terraform) and Continuous Integration (Jenkins) with monitoring (Icinga, Telegraf, Grafana). During my work I mostly write Chef scripts in vim, manage AWS resources and Linux nodes, together with linux containers (lxd), Docker and virtual machines (virtualbox).

One of my hobbies is solving difficult problems, implementing some algorithms, taking part in different programming contests.

I also take part in organising DevClub meetings.