Lately as a process of joining different Postgres databases with 1 schema each into 1 database with different schemas, I had to export a schema from a database and to import it into another database with a different schema name.

Turned out postgres does not support setting schema name on import or export, so I had to export to plain text file, edit it and then import. But actually we can do it on the fly too by using a simple onliner. The key here are the options:

  • we assign PGPASSWORD environment variable, so that psql does not ask for a password.
  • we dump only 1 schema (-n public)
  • we do not store ownership (-O), privileges (-x), table spaces and security labels, because those will be different in the new database.
  • we pipe the plain text dump to sed and find the line where postgres sets current schema and replace it with creating a new schema and setting it as current for the import.
  • and in the end we import the dump again using the PGPASSWORD environment variable, also setting ON_ERROR_STOP to 1, so that the dump stops, if some error occures.
PGPASSWORD=<password> pg_dump -h <host> -U <user> -d <db> --no-tablespaces --no-security-labels -xOn public |
sed 's/SET search_path = public, pg_catalog;/DROP SCHEMA <new_schema> CASCADE; CREATE SCHEMA <new_schema>; SET search_path = <new_schema>;/' |
PGPASSWORD=<password> psql -h <host> -U <user> -d <db> -v ON_ERROR_STOP=1
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